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Here are some shots I took with my iPhone and I hope you wont mind if I share some of them. You can also check my Instagram account for more of this: Iam781227



Pepper Lunch!!!

Food Trip

There was that time that I desire to visit Manila from time to time not just because I want to catch up with my long time friends but also to savor the heavenly taste of Pepper Lunch!!! (the exclamation points are required haha). But now I don’t need to cry like a baby every time I remember my favorite dish in that Japanese restaurant because at last!!! They’ve opened a branch in Cebu! Even the picture looks good right? You should try this guys!!!


I always ordered their Beef Pepper Rice but for a change I tried their Teriyaki Beef. This one makes me drool just by thinking how awesome the taste was.


Food Trip

Upon entering this cafetaurant (cafe + restaurant) you will already be delighted by the sight of those delicious-looking cakes (drools just by the thought of it). It’s like cake heaven in the making. The place was small but cozy. A place where you can have some decent chit-chats. The food was amazing! Especially their pastas really makes me want some more.

Parmesan Crusted Fish Piccata. The fish was not my type of fish but the dish was good and it compliments the italian style spaghetti which is a little sour.


Siam Thai Cuisine

Food Trip

When you’re feeling sad or depressed, don’t go to malls or expensive restaurants cause you will somehow regret it after you realized that your not in the right mind to make any smart decisions. So after a tiring night I decided to treat my friend in Siam, it’s a Thai restaurant located in Ayala Center Cebu. It’s my first time trying out Thai cuisine and Im really curious about it.


The place was ok. You can really see Thai inspired design in the interior.


The food was ok, I really like this Mango Salad roll. It really looks simple but inside you can really taste how delicious this appetizer is.


Izakaya Goku

Food Trip

Twas my first time in this Japanese restaurant. The place was kinda old looking with beautiful waitress who will greet you with simple ‘Aisatsu’ (greetings). So I ordered something that I have never tried before since I already been to many Japanese restaurants. I ordered one rice meal, Oyakodon and one noodle meal Zarusoba. The Oyakodon (rice topped with chicken and egg) was really goooood that it made me want for more but the Zarusoba (cold noodle) was not really hmmm how would I describe it? The taste was kinda weird and also the way you eat it was weird. You need to dip the noodle to a tea-looking sauce. Overall, I dont think that I would be back there anytime soon haha.


Traditional Pinoy Snack at Tablea

Food Trip

Every Pinoy wants a hot tsokolate and a yummy putomaya on a cold afternoon, right? Thank you Tablea for still serving traditional filipino food especially this duo! I love this combination and will always be. I also want to give credit to Tablea for adding a ripe mango on this set. I think that it perfectly balance the overall taste.

Cafe Noriter

Food Trip

Many of my friends in Facebook have already visited this cafe and it really looks cozy and relaxing. So me and my friend decided to search for it and experience it to ourselves. The place was really amazing. The concept of having your small private place of your own in a cafe is just epic. I can sit in my most comfortable position. I can vandalize almost anything in the cafe, what more can an artist want?

If you’re in Cebu and you want a relaxing place, please do visit this cafe.


Der Kaiserhof

Food Trip

This is the name of the restaurant where me and my friends ate our lunch last friday. They served German and European cuisines. I loved the place it was cozy and relaxing. I also love their menu they have pastas, sausages and Schnitzels. I wanted to try Schnitzels but I had cough and cold that time so I stick with their Meatball Spaghetti. The most memorable thing on this restaurant is their GIGANTIC serving. You should try it for yourself.